Speak Back

Balas Balik

Speaking back sometimes starts with asking questions.


Questions we are told already have answers. Questions only meant for the experts. Questions we are made to swallow.

“Kami ini
seorang merdeka
Daripada kamu
itu belaka”

"We are free and
From all of you men"

— Raja Aisyah Sulaiman

“[A]pakah kita orang
Melayu baharu

fahaman borjuis
aib pada khazanah,
warisan, dan
bertingkah dengan
minda tertawan?”

"[A]re we the
new Malays
Confused in living
the bourgeois life
ashamed of our
tradition, heritage
and trapped by
a captive mind?"

— Rasiah Halil

“Bukan mungkin
lagi. Mesti.”

"Not an if,
a must."

— Adibah Amin

“Tanah ini anugerah
buat kita.”

"This land is
a gift to us."

— Kamaria Buang