A Tale of Two Beats: Hip Hop and Spoken Word

Conversations  |  Youth Fringe, 50 Years of Bars, Flows and Beats  |  Cross-genre  |  English  |  1.5 hrs

26 Nov, Sun, 4.30pm to 6.00pm
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What do you get when a spoken word poet and a hip hop artist walk into a room? Join poets and hip-hop artists as they talk about the intersections between poetry and hip hop, explore what has influenced their craft, and talk about the lyrics that blew their minds. At the end of the hour, they'll also embark on a fun little experiment to combine a spoken word piece with music to discover how iambic pentameter can contribute to the rhythm of a hip hop beat.

This programme is co-presented and supported by Sing Lit Station.




Ng Hei Lam (Hailey) is a graduating student from ACS (International,Singapore) based in Hong Kong and Beijing. Her (almost) fanatical passion for film, theater, literature, music, and other arts motivates her to reciprocate such creativity in her daily life, thus she is beyond excited to share this journey with you as one of the SWF youth moderators. As part of her free time, she will most likely be sitting in a freezing cinema with sizzling canned coke and a slice of grilled cheese in her hand, mindlessly watching her favorite films for the 20th time.