♡ It's An Interdimensional Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes ♡

Conversations  |  Asian-American Spotlight  |  Fiction  |  English  |  1 hr

19 Nov, Sun, 3.00pm to 4.00pm
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The interdimensional universe is always restless with battles to fight and quests to complete. But even in the midst of magical wars, strange happenings in small towns, or disturbances in the spirit realm, we can't stop rooting for love to trump all. Transcending space and time, we talk to these authors about how otherworldy chaos can redefine our idea of a love story and prove that love truly knows no bounds, even if you’re worlds apart.

This programme is part of the Spotlight on Asian-American Authors and is made possible with the support of the U.S. Embassy Singapore.


Charlene Shepherdson is an interdisciplinary writer based in Singapore who creates experiences using visual text, interactive narratives and historical archives.

The breadth of their practice spans poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art installations and social sculptures with a deep focus on the ideas that exist in the in-betweens. In this nebulous space, they facilitate communities and hold space for them to share their stories—to reclaim, reframe and reimagine their realities. charshep.com