What Was I Made For? Mothers, Daughters, and the Shared Journey

Conversations  |  Youth Fringe  |  Non-fiction  |  English  |  1 hr

19 Nov, Sun, 1.00pm to 2.00pm
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It's not just about dolls and fashion—the recent Barbie movie does not shy away from complex themes of girlhood and patriarchy, and at the heart of it also shows that mother-daughter relationships are anything but simple. Before they became mothers, they were first women with dreams, challenges, and aspirations. Three presenters tackle the intricacies of how mothers, and their relationships with their daughters have been portrayed in popular culture. Get ready to dive into the world of female empowerment, love, and the unbreakable bond between generations.

This programme is co-presented with Sing Lit Station and held in conjunction with the French Film Festival 2023’s screening of Four Daughters.




"Do what you won't regret," is Priyanshi Mohanty's daily mantra, even when choosing what to get for lunch. Priyanshi Mohanty is a writer-in-the-making, learning the literary arts at SOTA. She loves drawing inspiration from the mundane and includes it in her craft. Most often she can be seen indulging in Asian literature, listening to either alternative-indie or classical-jazz tunes.  As an ESFJ, she enjoys public speaking and socialising with friends. She also enjoys a good video essay when she is not rewatching the same five anime in her free time.