Zingers and Mic-drops, 555outheast Asian Style

Conversations  |  SEA Focus  |  Cross-genre  |  English  |  1 hr

25 Nov, Sat, 1.30pm to 2.30pm
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Close in geography yet diverse in identity, is there a Southeast Asian sense of humour that arises from the feeling that we're "same same but different"? We talk to these comedians and writers how our shared regional social norms, when juxtaposed with linguistic differences and cultural idiosyncracies, set the stage (and page) for their witty comebacks, juicy punchlines, and leave audiences and readers laughing in 555s (shorthand in Thai for HaHaHa).

This programme is co-presented with the Singapore Book Council and supported by Sing Lit Station.


Suffian is an author, screenwriter, playwright and culture & lifestyle journalist described by the Straits Times as 'one of the most whimsical, creative and unpretentious young voices in Singapore literature'.