The Light Between the Cracks: A Conversation with Lemn Sissay

Meet the Author  |  Festival Highlights  |  Poetry  |  English  |  1 hr

26 Nov, Sun, 2.30pm to 3.30pm
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Words have always accompanied Lemn Sissay even as he moved through foster care to children's homes during his childhood and teenage years. Capturing his journey through Britain's broken care system in his memoir My Name is Why, how has he carved out a selfhood of his own through poetry even after being estranged from personal history and memory? Sissay shares with us how, even within the world's dysfunction, we can still write poetry that disturbs as much as it illuminates, bringing us right up to the present with his inspiring new collection of poetry, Let the Light Pour In.


Lawrence Lacambra Ypil is poet and essayist whose work explores the intersection of text and image, and the role of material culture in the construction of identity. He has been a finalist for the Lambda Awards and on the long-list for The Believer Book Awards for The Experiment of the Tropics, the winner of the Gaudy Boy Book Prize.

Lawrence has received MFAs from Washington University in St. Louis and from the Nonfiction Writing Program of the University of Iowa.

He teaches at Yale-NUS College.