Quest Unlocked: Not Your Average Game-writing Workshop

Workshop  |  Youth Fringe  |  Fiction  |  English  |  2 hrs

18 Nov, Sat, 1.00pm to 3.00pm
Ticketed  - $10
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Find an item. Slay the enemy. Deliver an important message. With so many types of quests, how do you determine which fits your narrative the best? Level up your game-writing skills beyond crafting compelling stories, as we dive into game quest-writing. In this workshop, join Ubisoft developers Zec Chua and Ashraf Azhar to turn narratives into playable experiences and discover how to create thought-provoking quests from the stories we read using the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Story Editors. This web-based, public tool lets you write, design, and play your curated quests and stories. Rumour has it that this tool is not that far off from the actual tools that game developers use!

Participants are required to bring their own fully-charged laptop (Windows / Mac) for this workshop. For those without laptops, the facilitator will have limited laptops on loan.