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(Sugar-coating Narratives? — Writing Young Adult Fiction in Singapore)

Conversations  |  General  |  中文  |  1 hr

14 Nov Sun, 12pm - 1pm
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Updated On: 14 Nov 2021, 10:25am

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, 艾禺 Ai Yu, guest speaker for 为故事和语言包糖衣?——新加坡青少年华文小说写作 (Sugar-coating Narratives? — Writing Young Adult Fiction in Singapore), will not be attending today's session at 12pm.


How can we entice teen readers to pick up a Chinese novel? What are some considerations in creating works to appeal to the young adult reader in Singapore? With topics such as AI and multiverse, and adaptations into comics and micro movies, these authors discuss how they strike a balance between readability and the literary, imagination and the reality, and even conversational and literary language in their works.

This Mandarin programme is co-presented with Singapore Association of Writers and includes a live Q&A at the end of the session.


我们怎样才能吸引青少年阅读中文小说? 创作一个吸引新加坡的青年读者的作品时,又有哪些考量?更多元的题材,如人工智能和多元宇宙等,又或借改编漫画和微电影等媒介成文字,是否是可行的途径?数名新加坡华文小说作者将探讨本地青年阅读市场,谈谈他们如何在作品的可读性与文学性、想象与现实,甚至是口语和书面言间取得平衡。

本节目与新加坡作家协会联合呈现。 节目将以华语进行,结束前安排了线上观众问答环节。


Singapore-born Chow Teck Seng (ZHOU Decheng 周德成) writes poetry primarily in Chinese, and has won awards including the Singapore Literature Prize (2014) and Golden Point Award (2009). His English-translated poems are found in lyrikline‚ & Words: Poems Singapore and Beyond (Ethos Books), UNION : 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing From Singapore (Ethos Books), Poetry at Sangum, and more. A former Chinese Literature lecturer at NUS and NIE, he is currently pursuing a PhD at Cambridge University.