The Anatomy of a Wattpad Story

Conversations  |  Youth Fringe  |  English  |  1 hr

14 Nov Sun, 12pm - 1pm
Festival Pass  - $16 (Early Bird) | $20 (Regular)
location SISTIC Live
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Wattpad: a platform that has been hailed by some as a treasure trove of literary masterpieces, and by others as the death of literature as we know it. But, what makes a Wattpad story? And why are millions of readers driven to indulge in these bite-sized pieces of escapism? United by a common expertise in Wattpad stories, this conversation unpacks the bustling phenomenon that is Wattpad fiction.

This pre-recorded programme is co-presented with Sing Lit Station.


Harshiyne’s childhood dream was to live in a library. A journalist for her school’s newspaper, she hopes to deliver narratives that stay with readers, wielding her pen as her sword, making a difference with her words. As a Youth Moderator, she is excited to reminisce about the days she would refresh her screen obsessively for new fanfiction on Wattpad, and discuss the impact these bite-size stories had on her. Find her on Instagram @har.shiyne.