The Future of Fitness

Conversations  |  General  |  English  |  1 hr

6 Nov Sat, 12pm - 1pm
Festival Pass  - $16 (Early Bird) | $20 (Regular)
location SISTIC Live
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Just as group classes and gym communities were all the rage, 2020 saw resourceful shifts in the fitness industry as it explored alternative ways to stay afloat. As the world moves towards a new norm, three festival speakers weigh in on the future of fitness for individuals and communities.

This programme includes a live Q&A towards the end of the session.


Vanan has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade and leads EzFit Singapore. EzFit specialises in home-based personal training, fitness boot camps, and corporate fitness programmes and events. He stays abreast of the latest developments in fitness, and is actively involved in leading conferences and events across the globe. He is also one of three Master Trainers for the Gray Institute and educates the fitness community on continual education in terms of body movement.