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(The Modern Magazine in a Digital Age)

Conversations  |  General  |  中文  |  1 hr

6 Nov Sat, 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Festival Pass  - $16 (Early Bird) | $20 (Regular)
location SISTIC Live
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What can a magazine, be it print or digital, lifestyle or niched, reflect about the times we live in? Among many other mediums to consume information and culture, what does a well-designed magazine offer? Join these editors as they speak on building a readership in a visually stimulated world, and the sensibilities that inform their creation of content.

This programme is in Mandarin.





Louise Law Lok-Man (羅樂敏) holds a master’s degree in English from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was formerly a Festival Manager at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival and the project manager of LitStream. In 2018, she published her first poetry collection, Or So It Seems (而又仿佛). She is currently the Director of Spicy Fish Cultural Production Limited, a literary organisation that publishes acclaimed literary magazines such as Fleur des lettres (字花) and promotes young authors.