Trust Me, The Book Was Better

Conversations  |  Youth Fringe  |  English  |  1 hr

14 Nov Sun, 1pm - 2pm
Festival Pass  - $16 (Early Bird) | $20 (Regular)
location SISTIC Live
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Shrek, Legally Blonde, and Shawshank Redemption – what could these movies possibly have in common? Each of these international blockbusters were originally based on books. In this panel discussion, writers and filmmakers discuss the surprising movies that were based on books, and the work that goes into creating a movie adaptation that retains the essense of the original work.

This programme is co-presented with Sing Lit Station.


David is a student from Raffles Institution whose passion for Literature grew with his participation in literary events such as the Creative Arts Mentorship Programme and the National Literature Seminar. Having attended SWF for 3 years, he is excited to contribute to the festival’s vibrant and lively atmosphere as a Youth Moderator, and is eager to explore this year’s variety of profound sharings.