Unravelling the Human Psyche in Fiction

Conversations  |  General  |  English  |  1 hr

6 Nov Sat, 4pm - 5pm
Festival Pass  - $16 (Early Bird) | $20 (Regular)
location SISTIC Live
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Event has ended

UPDATED ON: 6 Nov 2021

The 6 Nov live streaming session has been shifted to a pre-recorded session for later broadcast during the festival and / or will be available on VOD. Please stay tuned for an announcement of the new date(s) that this will be available for viewing. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


How much of the personal is political, and vice versa? We ask writers whose imperfect protagonists and compelling character dynamics give readers a glimpse into the complexity of the human psyche, all about the tensions of writing the interior while addressing the larger forces that shape human relationships and behaviour.

This programme includes a live Q&A towards the end of the session.


Carolyn has written for page, stage, and screen. A communicator by profession, she believes in the power of storytelling and applies that to her daily craft.