Arts House Ltd (AHL) is a dynamic arts organisation in Singapore, and the organiser of Singapore’s multi-lingual literary arts festival, the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF). By supporting SWF, you’ll join a vibrant community of writers, academics and thinkers helping to develop the next generation of Singaporean literary artists. Your contribution supports capability development, collaborations and presentations, as well as provide a network for support, exchange and engagement.

Find out how a partnership can help you or your organisation play a key role in shaping Singapore’s arts and cultural scene. Every Corporate Partner or Donor will be provided with a unique sponsorship package, tailored to meet your objectives and maximise your return on investment. Cash donations to AHL are eligible for 250% tax deductions.

A festival of ideas. Take a walk down memory lane with our 25th Edition Retrospective video

Singapore Writers Festival 2022 | 25th Edition Retrospective

To start a conversation today about partnerships, please contact:

Emmanuel Paul Ng
Assistant Director, Partnership Development

e | emmanuelng@artshouse.sg
t | +65 6435 0104

Lee Mun Ping
Head, Partnership Development

e | leemunping@artshouse.sg
t | +65 6435 0171